i wish you a very happy new year in advance.
i hope that the next year will be better for you.
there will be obstacles but i hope that you will be able to find a way through them easily.
i hope that the next year you will be happier.
last but not the least, thank you for all the support you all gave me which inspired me write more and more.
i love you all





there are small things in this world that make us realise that we love a person or we don’t.
these small things are the things that sometimes become important and memorable for our life

too late




sometimes, it becomes too late for certain things.
you want to make them alright
you want to start all over again
but the only thing left is to continue…

…but continue with passion
with energy
with hopes but not so high
expectations but not so great that they will break you down again

start but right now


as it is said
the future starts now
and i believe that you are the only person who decide your future right now.

losing friends






Losing your true friends is the worst(probably i shouldn’t write ‘true’ because if they were true they wouldn’t have left you just like that). It makes you feel like the whole world has been blasted off and the fire has not died out yet.

Even after having many people tell you that it doesn’t even matter and even after knowing that you have to move on in life, you are not able to get over the fact that you had thought so good of that person who was never even by your side. It hurts a lot to be treated like this and it hurts a lot more when the person who is hurting you is the person who you thought would never hurt you.